Live At Billy Bob's CD

$ 13.50

Track Listing:
1. Boogie and Beethoven
2. Night Time Magic
3. I Don't Wanna Cry
4. I've Done Enough Dyin' Today
5. I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love
6. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
7. Broken Lady
8. Alleluia
9. Help Me
10. Stand Up
11. The Heart
12. Texas Medley
13. Houston (Means One Day Closer To You)
14. All the Gold In California
15. Swing Down Chariot
16. Midnight Choir
17. Boogie and Beethoven (Reprise)
Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers recorded "live" in Fort Worth, TX at the renowned country nightclub, Billy Bob's.  All the hits and all of that famous Gatlin harmony are here.

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